What is a Glass on the Grass?

It’s a base you slip on your wine glass so you can put it down almost anywhere! They transform your favourite wine glasses into outdoor glasses. They are perfect for picnics, wine events, festivals, outdoor cinema, BBQs, pools and spas. Designed and Made in Australia, because we love to drink wine outdoors.


Perfect Valentine Gift

Our Valentine’s Gift Pack contains 2 Glass on the Grass™ bases, 4 Cadbury Milk Heart Chocolates, a handmade Valentine’s Day Card, packed in a hand-painted gift bag.

$37 with Free Shipping Australia wide. Ends Midnight Sunday. USE COUPON CODE LOVE FOR FREE SHIPPING.

We’ve got the Ruby Red packed but if you’d rather a different colour just let us know if the notes when you but this gift pack.

“I just love my Grass on the Glass. It makes my favourite wine glasses picnic ready.  I take them everywhere. To the beach, on holidays, to picnics in the park and camping in the bush. We also use them around the fire. They are my favourite gift. Outdoor cinema, here we come!”