Welcome to the Picnic Club!

Thanks SO MUCH for joining the Picnic Club!

As a small business, we get so excited when we get another member!  We’ll be sharing tips on food and wine, great deals, events and special offers.  We’re also just about to start picnic club member of the month!

First things first! 
Whenever you place an order use the coupon code Picnic at the checkout so we can add a little extra sample to your order.

We love customer photos
We love seeing customers using their Glass on the Grass so if you decide to buy some we’d love to see photos of you and your friends using them.   Our hashtag is #glassonthegrass and if your tag @glassonthegrass if you’re using Instagram we will see them. Of course, you can always email lee@glassonthegrass.com or message us instead.

Free Shipping over $50 Australia wide.
We’re delighted to offer you free shipping on orders of $50+ Australia wide!

Lee & Stephen

If you’re not from Australia our product is super light shipping so International Shipping is relatively low.