Light and easy to use, Glass on the Grass coasters increase the surface area of the base of your glass. Designed for most reality flat outdoor surfaces.

Glass on the Grass coasters are designed for grass, picnic blankets, sand, pavers and BBQ tables.

Glass on the Boat non-slip coasters have a silicone underside that reduces friction on smooth surfaces.

How to put one on your glass

  1. Place your thumb on the logo, put two fingers under the prongs and lift gently to create space.
  2. With your other hand, slide an empty wine glass under the prongs until the stem hits the U shape.
  3. Ensure your glass is sitting flat on all four surfaces.
  4. When you’re finished, slide it off, give it a rinse, ready for your next glass on wine.

Fit most wine glasses

Glass on the Grass™ fit most standard steamed wine glasses. They are not as effective on extra tall glasses. More information about this can be found here

Slide Glass on the Grass Base On

Made in Australia

Designed and developed by Industrial Designer and Co-Owner Stephen Flewellen. Design  Proudly made in The Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.


Designed to be reused. Made from 35% recycled BPA free, food-grade K-Resin, which is 100% recyclable. Using our coasters also reduces the need for plastic glassware.

Glass on the Grass or Glass on the Boat?

Both coasters are identical except Glass in the Boat has a non-slip silicone underside ring added to each coaster, so it grips to smooth surfaces. Importantly it is not suction to you can easily pick your glass up without force.

If you’re planning to use your coasters on a glass table or take them on a boat, Glass on the Boat coasters is best. If you’re more likely to use your coasters for picnics or around, the BBQ, then Glass on the Grass sets are ideal.


While the product decreases the likelihood of a spill, it won’t prevent spills in all cases. Please be aware that we won’t accept liability for any loss, damage or injury that results if you fail to follow our instructions and recommendations on the use of the product.  Please refer to our Product Disclaimer here.