Okay so how do I put it on my wine glass?
It’s super simple – check out our video and instructions here.

Will it fit my wine glass?
If it’s a standard size then yes! It’s not designed for extra tall glasses or glasses with very small bases or super thick stems.

Will it support a full glass?
Most likely but it’s going to work best with a standard pour.

Is it food safe and recyclable?
Yes, Glass on the Grass™ is made from It is food grade, BPA free, and recyclable K-Resin.  Wash in warm water using dishwashing liquid.

Where is it made?
Glass on the Grass™ is designed and made in Australia by an Australian company.

Smart Packaging
As strong advocates of reducing waste Glass on the Grass ™ comes in a reusable Jupe bag. It’s perfect for storing and transporting them. When not in use keep out of direct sunlight to reduce colour fading, which may happen over time. To ensure we our product is affordable these bags are made offshore by an ICO certified company.

How do I wash it?
After use, slip it off your wine glass and wash in warm water using dishwashing liquid.

Glass or plastic glasses?
The choice is yours, it was designed to fit on both. If you are around water we strongly recommend you use our base with plastic glassware. The product is designed to reduce the chance of your glass tipping but it does not guarantee it.

How long will it last?
It is designed for repeat use. Over time it is likely to develop surface scratches from being transferred in and out of picnic bags and baskets. They will add character and don’t affect function Use the bag that it can with to reduce the chance of this.

Want to know more about the product?
You can read more in depth information about our product in the Product Disclosure Statement by clicking here.