We’re a family business with a big heart! We’ll be giving back to those in need by

  1. Running our own campaigns to generate funds for specific charities and causes at specific times of the year
  2. Supporting outdoor charity events through participant sponsorship
  3. Providing a charity discount to people purchasing our product as part of their fundraising event or activity

We have selected six charities we will support. We look forward to sharing our progress with you. Below is our first activity.

MS Australia,  Sydney to Gong Charity Bike Ride

We have kicked off by making a generous donation to MS Australia through the sponsorship of a team in the Sydney to Gong Bike Ride held on 5th November. Despite the weather, it was a great day. Our team did us proud.

Our Team (Gone with the Wind) 

  • Stephen Flewellen
  • Renata Hidajat
  • Simon Henry

About MS Australia
MS Australia raises awareness and improves the quality of life for people with Multiple Sclerosis by connecting people with MS, providing information and raising awareness through advocacy campaigns.

Our Connection to MS
Like a lot of young Australian Lee (Co-Founder of Glass on the Grass) spent a year abroad traveling and working in Europe. To this day one of her most moving and enlightening experiences was providing 24-hour care and company for a lady in her 50’s  who had recently developed M.S. Within a year this independent woman’s whole life had changed. She needed 24 care. Her husband left her because she wasn’t the woman he married, and her children were too busy. I will never forget the positive transformation that took place at the time I was with her. She was a courageous woman.

Pittwater Paddle for

The Pittwater Paddle is NBI’s primary fundraising event of the year. It is an 8.4km paddling event for elite or recreational paddlers around the beautiful Scottland Island. We had a great morning on the water. Stephen came a very close second in the single men’s kayak category.

About NBI

NBI believes that people with disabilities should enjoy individual choice, new opportunities, stretched boundaries and connected communities.  NBI’s purpose is to ensure that people with disabilities and their families are supported and empowered to participate fully in community life. They provide a range of services including respite, recreation, and support.

Our Team

  • Lee Drury
  • Stephen Flewellen